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In 1994 Bernard Cincotta converted a farm hayshed into a workshop and started making things and doing repairs.


With a strong background in the metal trades, when he came to learn about Sheetmetal he was immediately impressed by how you could add a few strategically placed folds in a sheet of metal and make it very strong, in some applications eliminating the need for a frame altogether.

Screenshot 2019-02-06 08.44.00.png

In 1995 Bernie made his first frameless gullwing canopy.

In 2000 he made the first frameless curved side canopy (to his knowledge there were none on the market at the time).

“Early on I identified that having a really good compression latch was the only way to effectively seal a big door. Unhappy with what was commercially available I designed and made my own which all had central locking.”

Over the next 5 years Bernie made steel canopies with improvements to canopies and latches over that time.

Bernard’s canopies have a reputation for being so solid and durable that they outlast the vehicles that they are built for....

Bernie made my first Canopy back in 2001, since then it has outlived 3 Mercedes Sprinters and has travelled over 960,000 kms and still going strong.

Throughout the construction process for each of my canopies, Bernie was extremely diligent and mindful of my application and always thinking about the future of the canopy on other vehicles. His follow up and backup service has been second to none since these canopies were constructed.  


In 2014 one of the vehicles suffered a major accident, through Bernie’s persistence and ingenuity, he was able to remanufacture the canopy to it’s original state.


I highly recommend Bernie and his canopies.

Chris Feldbauer, Pro Sanding Timber & Concrete Pty Ltd.

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