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Where form follows function

At Lock & Load we work in the understanding that when something is designed well it should be functional and easy to use, durable and last a long time. It should also be elegant and not look out of date in a few years.


Finding A better fit for your ute

The new utility vehicles available today are so much better than they were 10 years ago, they have more power and drive more like a car than a truck; and so are an increasingly popular choice.

The factory issued ute tubs look good and the fiberglass canopies fit well and compliment the overall look. But with deep sides, small side windows and big internal wheel arches they are not great to work out of.

Ute trays have not kept up with the times and even factory trays don’t fit the cabin – they look similar to farm utes in the 80’s.


At Lock & Load Ute Bodies we use a mix of modern manufacturing and old school craftmanship. All parts are modelled in CAD, laser cut to precise shape, when folded the components are held securely in place by a jig for Welding. This ensures accuracy and repeatability.

Canopy doors up solid.JPG

the ultimate canopy design


With these principals in mind Lock and Load invested in a new canopy design that had to:

  • Be practical and easy to work out of

  • Be strong by design making it lightweight

  • Make the most use of available space

  • Match the vehicle in quality, style and safety of vision.

  • Be versatile and able to be used in a multitude of ways

  • Be durable, last a long time, and hold value over that time.

  • Have quality manufacturing with attention to detail.

  • Be secure with the best 2 point compression latches available on the market

With an emphasis on design we make a body to fit your vehicle that is practical to use, load and secure.


To learn more about a canopy or tray that suits your requirements call Bernie for an obligation free quote.

Secure to Lock and easy to Load.


Lock & Load Ute Bodies design and build quality ute canopies, service bodies, and ute trays for campers and tradesmen.


Based in Mackay QLD

Phone Bernie: 0427 531 752

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