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8mm Hex Latch & Handle Assy.JPG

the 2-point compression latch

Exclusive to lock and load

To seal a big canopy door, it needs to have preload on the seal. The best way to pull the door onto the seal is with a 2-point compression latch.

Not being satisfied with what was out there in the latch market Lock and Load have designed and made their own heavy duty latch system.

Starting with a sturdy aluminum handle, which is curved to match the door, it transmits the rotating motion to the door latches, which pull the door into the seal, and the mechanism goes over-centre to hold it closed.


When you press the button for your keyless entry a sturdy 6.35mm pin engages in the cast handle stopping it from being forced open.


Your load is securely locked.

Latch inside.jpg
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