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LOCK & LOAD AT Weekends 

Whether you are into fishing camping caravanning a lock and load canopy gives you great access to anything you want to take with you. Out in that fine Kimberly dust you will be glad to have the lock & load latch system keeping your doors sealed.


You can use your ute with custom canopy for work during the week and for day trips or camping adventures during the weekends.


Caravanning around Australia our utes with custom canopies are super convenient if you want to be able to take day trips from the caravan when travelling beyond where the caravan can venture (while still bringing all the gear you might need).

Fast becoming the tow vehicle of choice the dual cab utes in the Hilux and the Ford Ranger have earned a solid reputation in recent years for their durability and grunt.

They have come of age to have the power, the towing capacity and a comfortable ride (whereas they used to drive more like a truck).

Discuss Your Options

Call Bernie on 0427 531 752 


100,000km Warranty

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